Friday, September 10, 2010

Animal Masks, a Super Easy and Practically No-Sew Craft Idea

Make them up in a jiffy.
This is my design for the Masks theme at Spoonflower.
Super easy to make Halloween Animal Masks (or just for everyday play).
I ordered them on quilting weight fabric, ironed on fusable interfacing,
then cut them out. To hold mask on, I chose 1/4 inch braided elastic, hand sewn to the
left and right of the eye holes, about 3/4 of an inch to each side in a coordinating
thread color.
Trick or Treat!
(My husband found this to be just hilarious on me!)
Tiger Cub, super cute for kids.
Panda, Rabbit and Owl, too!
(On a fat quarter there are all 4 masks, on a yard of quilting weight fabric, you get a total of 16)


  1. Fun, this will be a good idea when Audrey is just a little older ;o)

  2. Thanks, dobbygirl!
    Yes, I had the little one's in mind when I drew these.
    You should see the brain that one of the Spoonflower designers did, it's more of a head-gear costume than a mask, looks very realistic (yeesh!). What a great theme!