Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2011 Kitchen Towel Calendar Gifts

I have been working on these
dual purpose gifts for the holidays.
My sharpie marker design.
I Love it in these colors.
Tea towel calendars are also an excellent
way to hide a land line phone jack on your kitchen wall!
Coffee and Tea Towel 2011 Calendar:
by KDL Designs. © All rights reserved.

I am also working on some items for an upcoming handmade market.
But this one will be in my kitchen this year:
Black and White design with a pop of Red.
2011 Coffee and Tea Towel Calendar.
by KDL Designs. © All rights reserved.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sewing Tiny Things Is Not My Strength, however, I am improving a bit...

I would consider myself a beginner to intermediate sewer,
and a clumsy and impatient one, as well.
I also have a machine with just the basic features.
I really surprised myself when I started coming up
with these little 18 inch doll patterns.
Designing and editing these little patterns is a fun project,
and surprisingly this little outfit pattern below came in
8th of 22 great entries in Spoonflowers 18 inch doll clothing contest. :-)
Beautiful Dreamer 18 inch Doll Loungewear / PJ's
by KDL Designs. © All rights reserved.
You know, I really want some lougewear like this for myself!

Butterfly Dreams pattern is available on the
Four Outfit Collection (4 outfits on a yard)
but just this pattern can be purchased on a fat quarter.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Applique templates for fabric scraps and Doll Clothing patterns

Projects of the week:
Project Applique'
Making templates for fabric scraps...
by KDL. © All rights reserved.
Will soon be available with other applique' designs on a fabric fat quarter.

And designing 18" doll clothes:
(Project Doll-way)
Cat's Pajamas Loungewear / PJ's
by KDL designs.