Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recycled Button Earrings Idea

   My daughter and I came across a large assortment of antique buttons while browsing in downtown Greensboro at Mary's Antiques. My daughter, Shannon, collects buttons for her button jar, so she was pretty excited about these. My attraction to them was for a different purpose, though, I thought the little 1/2 inch sized button pairs would make really pretty earrings. With some inexpensive ear wires and findings (wait for the sale!) from Hobby Lobby, I made them into little show pieces for my ears, and get lots of compliments on them, especially after I found a way to make them a little more interesting by backing them with the findings (I sew the findings to the button backs with nylon thread, then attach a hook, which looks updated and so much more interesting than just suspending the button from a wire)  An easy project that's fun to make, and no glue required, just needle and thread, and little jewelry pliers.
Here are a few of the buttons I've found
(Will update my post when I attach the backs)
My favorite is above, these go with all my denim (and I love the little spiney paisley shapes).
Dressier Pair (will also update this picture when I attach the findings)

Here's a little casual pair, such great tiny details.
Love these buttons! There are findings on the back of these, but this pair is a little larger.

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