Monday, August 2, 2010

Knitting Ideas for I-Cord

I love to knit i-cord because it knits up so quickly, and you can create so many great projects and embellishments with it.
Over the next several days I'll post some of the different project ideas I've come up with.

These little earrings are really better for cooler weather,
but I came up with the design over the summer,
and have sold a few pairs on Etsy.
I use bracelet tubing (which can be cut to size) inside the i-cord, to make the circle shape.
Embellishments, drawstring, and shoulder strap for
a little pouch purse.
This little pouch was knit on circular needles,
72 stitches around, knit for 6 inches, then decrease to 20 or 15 and thread string through,
pull tight and tuck in ends inside.
I also made a liner, in a coordinating color, for it in the same fashion,
and attached by stitching it with a needlepoint needle to the inside of the purse.
And a little purple pouch purse, which uses i-cord for the strap, drawstring, and florets
Detail of an i-cord pendant necklace
Necklace with adjustable length i-cord.

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  1. Kelly would love to know how you've done the necklace. Pattern available, by any chance?